Privacy policy

General provisions

The Refactor Zone respects your privacy. We aim to keep your information as private as possible, so we do not use any third party tracking tools of any sort and only basic server logs for maintenance purposes and anonymized usage data to better understand our visitors needs.

You can disable usage tracking by blocking the domain, disabling JavaScript or setting the Do-Not-Track functionality in your browser. Server logs, however, cannot be disabled as they are required by server maintenance.

Use of cookies

Our usage tracking software uses cookies to identify users. These cookies can be blocked by using a privacy addon, such as Ghostery, setting the Do-Not-Track functionality in your browser, disabling JavaScript or by blocking the domain in your browser.

Newsletter signups

If you wish to notifications when a new article, video or other content goes online, you can subscribe to our newsletter. Your subscription will only be used to send you a notification of new article content, and you can always unsubscribe instantly by clicking the link in the e-mail.

You can also send us an e-mail to to unsubscribe from our newsletter. Please allow us up to 10 days to remove you from our list in case of manual unsubscriptions.

Your e-mail address will never be given to third parties, and we will never send you advertisements from ourselves or third parties.

Custodian of Data

All data is being handled by the site owner, Opsbears e.U., 47/6 Graf-Starhemberg-Gasse, 1040 Vienna, Austria.

Updates to this policy

This policy may change at any time. However, for larger changes will be announced 14 days ahead of time on this page.

This policy was last updated 6th of December, 2016

Version history

  • 6th of December, 2016 — Added video and other media forms to newsletter
  • 10th of November, 2016 — Added newsletter provisions
  • 6th of October, 2016 — Initial version